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Only One Thing Is Needed, Giving God Your Full Attention

Can you imagine having Jesus invited to your home? I mean, like right now. The man who, according to the Bible actually created all this world that you and I live in. The man who they say has the answers to everything. Think about it. You could ask Him anything and He would know the answer. He can do anything, any miracle you can dream up and this is your chance. And there He is sitting on your couch. He is your guest, in your home.

So what would you do? You'd probably think you have to cook him a meal, or maybe make your bed. You should probably get rid of that dirty laundry or at least do the dishes. Do you really want dirty dishes laying around when the creator heaven and earth is your guest? I don't think so.

So imagine you start to do the dishes. You're doing everything right. Getting everything together. And you have a sibling who sits around, chatting with Jesus while you do all the work. Your sibling doesn't lift a finger to help you. It's incredible. God's only Son is here and they are just...chatting? Shooting the breeze.

And then you come into the living room, justly upset. You tell your sibling to get off the couch and come help you get everything ready. And that's when Jesus stops you. He says your name, gently and kindly, graciously. And then in that kind voice says, He gives you the gentlest, most loving, patient correction you've ever heard when He says, "You are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed. Or indeed only one. Your sibling has chosen what is better and it will not be taken from her."

This is exactly what is described in Luke chapter 10. A woman named Martha opened her home to Jesus, and Jesus corrected her lack of attention to the one thing that matters most. Him.

Life trains us that we have to always do more. Stay on top of work, and chores, and cleaning, and make it to church on Sunday, and take the kids to school, and all these things. All the responsibilities of life.

But you know what Jesus says? He says only one thing is needed. Him.

Did you know that an abundant, fulfilling, joyous life isn't found in how much you do. It isn't found in how productive you are. It is found in a God. In God there is productivity, power, abundance, and grace. That is, God is the end reward of your efforts. Jesus is the most amazing thing that could ever happen to anyone of us. But even so, out of His power God gives you the power to do more than you ever could in your own human ability. By putting God first, everything else takes care of itself.

Life doesn't always have to be as busy and difficult as we make it. Only one thing is needed, to sit at Jesus' feet and talk to Him, listen to Him, know Him. Relax and open your Bible. Read it like Jesus is there with you, in your bedroom, speaking directly to you. Every word He tells is life and truth, and hope.

Wouldn't it be amazing if Jesus could come to your home today and help fix every problem you have in life?

It would be incredible. And the good news is He can. Right now. Do you have the faith for it? Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

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