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Welcome To Ola Pāmas!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to Ola Pāmas!

In Hawaiian, the word "ola" means life, health, well-being, livelihood, means of support, salvation, healing, granting of life, surviving and thriving! In Spanish, "ola" means wave, as in an ocean wave. Taken together the name means an "ocean wave" of life, health, well-being, livelihood, means of support, salvation, healing, granting of life, surviving and thriving!!! That is the mission statement!

Which brings us to the palm tree logo. I like to call him "Ho'omau" or "Ho'omau the Palm Tree." Yes, palm trees are people too! The world around us is more alive than we realize. The trees, the ocean, the fish, the sharks, the waves, the sky, the clouds. Everything is more vibrant and filled with life. Humans and nature interconnect with each other. Nature depends on us, and we depend on nature. Decisions that we make, even seemingly small decisions, can result in profound impacts on the world around us. We have the power to make the world a better place.

But we can only do so with the attitude and spirit embodied in "ho'omau." To understand what "ho'omau" means, I am going to quote the blog "Naturally Aloha" ( where the author writes:

"Ho’omau is the Hawaiian word encouraging us to carry on. It means to be steady, constant, enduring, persevering, and unceasing. Those who ho’omau do not give up, especially when the going gets hard. They know that, in most cases, the best things in life are not easily won. Those who live ho’omau are resilient against opposition. They don’t worry about what others say to them or about them. They are focused on their goals, knowing that they can do it with faith in God and balance in their lives. At the same time, they know that some things require sacrifice, but the reward will be worth it."

In basic terms, ho'omau means to "carry on" and "persevere." This can mean many different things to different people, based on individual life circumstances. For me, I need ho'omau each and every day to overcome fears and anxieties whether it be with pursuing dreams or other areas of life. I need it to keep pursuing my passion for music and arts, and being an entrepreneur. For a professional athlete, they may need ho'omau to continue to compete at the highest level and win the ultimate prize in their competition. For a person going through so many trials they can barely get out of bed, they need ho'omau to keep living no matter the circumstances. As long as you still are on this earth, you have a purpose. So let's figure out what that is...together!

I hope this website, brand and company resonates with you. The ho'omau spirit embodies what Ola Pāmas is all about. If so, please leave us a comment, and subscribe to our email list.

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